Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Peek "In my Studio"

Do you want a peek? I have been in serious cleaning and reorganization mode for the last few days. Anyone who has been crafting for years knows that as designers we collect a LOT of stuff! Sadly some must go periodically, but some I use every day...even though the collection gets HUGE! Today I am sharing some pics of my built in shelves and what is housed there.

These shelves are directly behind my island within reach. This set of shelves span over 8 feet across floor to ceiling, so you are simply getting a peek today! I will try to make this a weekly post til I show you all of it!

This is a bit of a closeup on how I started storing my Embossing Powders, Glitters, and Fun Flock from Stampendous! The more I design for them the more colors I collect...such a TREAT!! So, my original ziploc containers were too big so I went to these slightly smaller ones I found at Target. They are labeled on the end, organized by category then by color.

This is what 4 shelves of the containers looks like...and they in reality extend a bit beyond that!! Over 75 in all. Holy smokes! Above in the same photo are some of the larger single wood stamps I purchased in the last few years. All of my smaller wood stamps are now in storage containers... called "Stufftainers"...from Stampendous!

There are 3 sizes available, the thin, thick, and thicker. I use the thicker ones for my wood stamps. You can fit a TON in just one.

I use mostly the thin ones, for most of my unmounted rubber stamps and clear sets. All of my Stampendous! stamps are now in these (2 photos down) and I have slowly converted other sets as well (so far my Hero Arts, Magnolias, Pink Cat Studio, Kraftin Kimme's, and Stamping Bellas. The basket above is all these.

Here it is again beside another basket of stamps...these are ones that came in tins or cd cases (mainly CC Designs and Lizzie Anne Designs). I still have yet to transfer my MFT, Unity, Verve, Cat's Pajamas, and many more.

Here's a closeup of the Stampendous! clear sets.

There is more than one whole basket of clear and cling from Stampendous! alone!! Have I told you how much I love Stampendous! ??

OK, thats it for tonight! More next week in my Studio!



  1. lots of pretty glitter! :) I'm thinking I have to stock up on some of those thin stuftainers for my unmounteds without packaging!

    And have to second that....LOVE Stampendous!

  2. Oh My word if I had you organizational skills...WoW!

  3. holy...WOW! You are organized!

  4. Great post! I am thinking about using the thin stufftainers and in doing my research I stumbled on your blog. For clear stamps....do you keep the acetate sheet that has the image printed on it with it? if so, do you adhere it to the container?


  5. Love the Stufftainers in the baskets. Neat and tidy and cute! I'm impressed!


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