Saturday, August 3, 2013

Weekend with Dyan Reaveley

Hi peeps, I've been having a fabulous few days with the lovely Dyan who is our guest artist at Betty's store this weekend.  Today she taught three classes, one of which I took called Tags of imagery.  We cut and pasted, lol.  As she said, we will never look at magazines the same again.  Here's one of the tags that I created using her stamps, stencils, and sprays plus some cut outs.

Last night we had a meet and greet.  Here's the gang that showed up for tea, autographs, and photos.

Me with friends Tina and Debbie:

Lea, Caroline and I:

We went to dinner after and had fun coloring our kids menus :)

Betty, Dyan, me and Donna coloring away (and Lynna behind the camera):

Tomorrow are more classes so stay tuned for more pics!

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  1. The weekend was just spectacular!!! I'm still grinning from ear to ear!! Learned so much, gained new friends, and had tons of fun! Thanks for all your all hard work in planning and preparing for the event!


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