Monday, April 12, 2010

Texas Roadhouse meets The Big Apple

JUst another manic Monday...and I mean manic! My ADD self is on sensory overload in Manhattan! Its been 20 years since I have been to NY City, and I still love the place but it would wear me out to live here!

I'm here this week hanging out with my hubby Marcus, courtesy of Texas Roadhouse. Its the 20th annual Managing Partners Conference, and I think about the 11th or 12th that we have been to. This awesome company has taken us to Hawaii, Banff, Cabo San Lucas. San Francisco and more through the years.

Above is the opening ceremony last night held on the Skating Rink in the Rockefeller Plaza. There are at least 1000 people present, but I never caught the exact count this year.

This is Marcus & I at the observation deck on The Empire State Building a couple of nights ago. We have the pleasure of hanging with tons of our friends this week, many that we have known for almost 20 years, since before we were married :)

Lastly, for the first of the Awards Night we got to see the Rockettes preform at Radio City Music Hall. AND the MP finalists of the year were coerced onto the stage to do a bit of a kick line with the girls. What a hoot! Our NC girl Laura from Jacksonville is over to the left in this pic! Go Laura, we all hope you win!!

OK, So I am ditching a meeting while I am typing, hehe. But its almost time for lunch so I am heading out! Check back Wednesday for my OHDBCGA post for InStyle Stamps! Thanks for your visit. Have a great Monday!


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